She’s Our Barbi Girl!!!

Today is Darci’s Birthday. She is delightful and daring and all things that we strive to be. She’s a mom. And a wife. And a supercool rocker chick. The last 20 years have only made her better. This last year she and I worked on our reunion together and became great friends! Today, she turns 39 and we’ve begun to work on the 40th birthday bash! She wants roller skates. I want Rick Springfield. Stay tuned to see what fleshes out of our brainstorming!

Meanwhile, join the party! Share some love! It’s a BIRTHDAY afterall!!!

3 thoughts on “She’s Our Barbi Girl!!!

  1. You should have both of course.Happy Birthday Darci!Totally on the side: My word verification is livirip. Which is hillbilly for live her up.


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