New Moon!

Ooooooowowwwwwwwwww! Viewing this afternoon as a reward for getting the entire of the laundry finished! I”m not there yet, but getting closer! It was sooo nice yesterday that I had my doors and windows open, and the heat turned way way down, which I forgot to adjust when I went to bed on Clean Sheet Sunday…which means it was super cold in the house this morning, which means I didn’t NOT get out of bed until mmmmmm about 20 minutes ago! Jeesh.

SO, brewing coffee, feeding livestock, unloaded dishwasher, started more laundry…I’m off and runnin. Happy Monday to you, Sunday to me….it’s a short week which means we’re frenzied and frantic! I think I’m going to do my shopping today…I’ve decided to cook a bird. A small bird but a bird nonetheless. So, making my list…getting the stuff to make the brine..I feel like some homemade bread is in my future too.

Ok kids, here I go. I’m squeezing in some gym time tonight too…I must! I must!

4 thoughts on “New Moon!

  1. the first one was bad. but not as bad as i thought it would be. so since it made a shit ton of money, they got better effects, better director some acting lessons…i have high hopes for this one. Wolf!


  2. mmm mmm mmm…all sorts of sexy! I admit that I'm team Edward, but Jacob is certainly some DELICIOUS eye candy! *wipes away drool*Happy ICLW!


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