We Need A Little Glitter, Right This Very Minute

My brain has felt a bit empty lately. I can come over and tell you what I’ve done the night before, what I cooked for dinner, how my day at work went…but it all seems negative. Bla Bla Bla Fishcakes. I know we’ve all got shit this season. Some of us are terminally unemployed and facing extinction. Some of us are breaking up with partners who we thought we would marry. Some of us are burying family members and dealing with the repercusions of that. Some of us are feeling extremely alone and sad. Some of us are worried. Just worried, about all of us who are going through all the shit.

If only it were as easy as Martha’s crafting a wreath on the Today show. A little modge podge, a little hot glue, throw on some glitter and VOILA!!!

We’re what 9 days away from the Big One? and after that just a sneeze away from a clean slate. Fresh start. I love January 1st. It might be my favorite day of the year. (well it’s close. I do love July 4th. and my Birthday. And the day before Thanksgiving…) So with all the horrible this year, recession-wise, the good news is WE HAVE ALMOST MADE IT!!!

So today, I say to you my faithful readers, that I am going to make it. WE are going to make it. And through all the juggling of schedules we will get some facetime. We will get to have heart to hearts. It will happen. You…my family. I know you’ll only be here for a few days, and I will have to be gone for some of those days, but we will connect. We will have some fun. We will refill and recharge for the next year. And that, THAT, is the sentiment I leave you with. It actually may be as easy as some hot glue and glitter…

it just may be…

5 thoughts on “We Need A Little Glitter, Right This Very Minute

  1. First, I fucking love that ornament.A week from today, right now in fact, I'll be on the bus going north. Probably be pretty close to where I change buses. Weird.


  2. Oh good good good! I am ready! Clean slate! Keep moving, keep reaching… almost there… woo hoo! We're gonna make it after all. Sha-kneel… sha-nozzle!


  3. It is always easy for those who ARE happy to sound gleeful…and OK for a new year but for those who have loved and lost and are facing problems, (just obstacles) it is hard and I am here to tell you I can read between the lines. I spend about 10 years there before we divorced, trying to bs everyone to thinking I was all right. Acting is what we do best, HUH!!! or at least you. I admire you for your looking to the new, this may be the year, if we could only see what God sees around the corners.Just know I pray for you every day, several times and know that God will lead you if you are willing…I wasn't willing for about 17 years, much better now. You are AWESOME and very inspiring, I just wish you had more avenues to share that part of you…Your FAMILY in Arkansas misses and loves you so much and are so sorry things are amuck!!! Did you ask Gertrude if her J has kids names K and A??? That is why he looked so familiar, although I don't remember teaching him…I am getting too old. I loved that expensive chef's dessert on Thanksgiving!!I wish for you:HealthHappinessContentmentNice Clients….I didn't pray for nice.and everything else that you so deserve.Turn it all over to God AGAIN, and don't pick any of it up and take it back to help him with…(I do that often) It is only with age and experience knowing that HE and only He will come through for you, but you have to give him time, which I know you do, so don't think I think you don't. May your friends (family) who read this know that Mamo is so extremely glad that you have them and they have you. Friends are truly better than gold or silver. Yours are truly the BEST!!!Good night(NO squirrels, Stormy)I love you,Mamo


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