Love Thursday

What with the squirrel carcass issues, and the refusal to use the litter box and the complete and utter destruction of the office, and the vet bills…I do enjoy these fool beings. I do. Happy Love Thursday.

3 thoughts on “Love Thursday

  1. Thats what I think about Millie Kate. She pees outside now but when I get busy she leaves little presents…I'm just thankful they are not doberman size…ha.Prayed for NICE clients today. Hope your day is full. We put up some outside lights last night and hope to finish tonite. I guess Mary Mary is coming so I fixed Santa Fe stew. Much love,Mamo


  2. They are loveable little bastards aren't they? If a boy left a decapitated squirrel under your dining room table he wouldn't be invited back but these guys? Well, even a decapitated squirrel isn't a dealbreaker.I think it says something about the sort of women we are that when the first squirrel appeared you called for back up but all the subsequent squirrels you felt you had to sac up for. "Well, crap, I can't just be calling in the cavalry every time there's a fucking dead thing under my table. Where's the damn shovel?"


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