Thankful Friday & Celebrate Saturday

So that’s what it feels like to be busy at work!!! I’m thankful for that!

So I can only hope and pray that this continues through the next few months, which are traditionally very slow at work. It’ll be ok. But the last week has been awesome. I’m amazed and the numbers I’m pulling in daily, and just think that if I was that busy every day? wow. I’d be helping YOU out…crossing fingers. Holding on.

I have just a two more gifts to purchase and will celebrate the fact that I can do so…by doing so!

I’m sucked into the show Californication. Anyone else watching? It’s very smartly written, well acted…I’m impressed. I’ve powered through the first two seasons in a minimal amount of time…me likey!!!

Went to the theatre last night with my new theatre going peeps. We’ve decided it’s “our thing”…college friends. it’s so nice to get to spend time, to TAKE the time to reconnect!

ok kiddos…I gotta get into that shower. I really need to scrub and shave my legs. it’s winter scaley ick time…and THAT is the image I will leave you with.

Happy Saturday!

2 thoughts on “Thankful Friday & Celebrate Saturday

  1. Prayer works…God Rules the Universe. I am glad you are busy…Can't wait to see you in person and need to talk to you about how to fix that bird…call when you can talk…Love you,Mamo


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