Going Live in 5,4,3,2,1…..

In keeping with my Goals/Projects 2010 List, let me officially welcome you to our new home.

I knew I wanted to shake up the blog a bit. Shine and Spiff. Perhaps . Chris offered to help me out, and by help me I mean, do all of the work.

This is the result! Misti Ridiculous dot com! I have my own DOT COOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

Think good thoughts. Thoughts become things…and here we are. And truth be told? I’m a little tiny bit COMPLETLY freaked by all of the newness. I know some people dislike WordPress I’m a little mournful for ZeldaPinwheelsFlyingCircus. I was happy there. I wrote well there. I was safe…I knew how things worked…

And in the same thought process I think THIS IS THE YEAR FOR CHANGE!!! Embrace! Leap! GO GO GO GADGET!!! The things I don’t know about, I will learn. Chris will help me. I will help myself. It will be great and grand. Everything I’ve written the last five years is here. Safe and sound. I’m excited for the new! There are other things that will pop up here at some point…my Flicker for one. Once I start using it. (add to list of 2010)

Welcome to our new home! It’s all spiffy and new so pack your bags. Come on over. Save that address in your bookmarks. Let’s get settled in!

Happy New Home!

5 thoughts on “Going Live in 5,4,3,2,1…..

  1. Glad to help. Don’t worry about the newness thing. New things are always a little scary. Scary (and hopefully exciting). Everybody has their favorite blogging platform, so it doesn’t really matter what you use. It’s just a content delivery system. It’s the content that matters, and that’s just you. That part doesn’t change.


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