Last night was just a cluster of ridiculousness. It’s a common theme in my life, but last night was especially brilliant. I dug out the yarn basket. I know how to crochet. I have since high school. I don’t know many fancy ways, but I have a pattern or two in my noodle, and thought perhaps I would dig out the ole basket and see what I’ve got in there. Perhaps a scarf is in my future.

The basket was lodged in The Closet. The one in the guest room that taunts me and haunts me and holds a ton of things that I’ve been living without for almost two years. I went in, dug through the rif raff, thinking that goes to goodwill, garage sale, goodwill, back in the closet, until I found the basket! TA-DAAAAAA!!!! I was excited! I haven’t looked through this stuff since I moved into the house almost two years ago! What would I find? What would I find? What would I——

the beginnings of a baby afghan? and tons of baby thread.

a large amount of an afghan/shoulder wrap/snuggie that has been started…and the thread for that.

about five skiens of blue’s that hadn’t even made it out of the plastic sack yet….

Clearly I had lost all motivation for these projects. Either I forgot how to do it in the time between creative spurts, or I got sidetracked on something else…who knows.

Turns out, I’m not excited by ANY of the thread in that basket. AT ALL. It’s old and rough and boring and I think it’s going in the pile to goodwill, garage sale, goodwill, back in the closet.

I settled in to watch 500 Days of Summer. Have you seen this flick? I started watching it last week. Perhaps Wednesday night. That’s the last time I used the dvd player…and apparently when my remote control was Raptured. I tore the couches/cushions apart, moved stuff, looked in and around everything…it’s lost. I’m ignoring that fact for today, hoping some clarity will come, or the cats will quit playing practical jokes on Mama.

Instead, I fired up the Roku and watched Food, Inc. Have you seen it? Woof. It’s really just…well. Eye opening for one. It really goes along with my goal for 2010 to become more educated about food and work towards more organic and locally grown foods. I’ll tell one thing…I may never eat another chicken again. . .and I’m hitting the big health food store for some ReatRoaf (fake meatloaf!) and some fruits and veggies.

Have I mentioned that I’m in a Biggest Loser competition that I’m in with my PseudoSisters and Company? We’re all in, until March 1st. We’ve each put in 25 bucks and at the end of the time will calculate the percentage of weight loss and see who gets the big money! We weigh in weekly…and while I had a huge mental block with the working out last week (could have something to do with the SUB DEGREE WEATHER we had) I altered my foods and LOST THREE POUNDS!!! Wheeeeeee!

LT and I are hitting the gym today, I’m also heading to the post office, and the health food store and then rehearsals begin at 7pm tonight.

So. while I seem to have lost my crochet mojo and the remote, I’ve made up for it by losing the 3lbs. Fair trade? why not. . . but say a little prayer. . . I have GOT to find that remote control!!!

7 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Hey, I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to remind you anyway. If you have any food questions, Cindy and I might have an answer for you. Like Michael Pollan points out, eating well costs more than eating poorly. We have a 4-month lead on you, so we’ve made more foodie mistakes than you (but have also had more successes). so that could help you not waste money on horrible-tasting food.

    Congrats on the weight loss! Learn more about your food, avoid all the trappings and advice of nutritionism (not the same as nutrition), stick with it, and you will see positive results, I promise.


  2. Every thing Chris said. I left a comment card at Akins for Froast. The south side health food store said they could order it for us if we would buy in bulk. Blerg.

    I have one and 3/4 pair of socks . The incomplete sock is seriously down to finishing the toes. THE TOES. It’s been this way for two years.


  3. I went to the health food store on south side. I bought two reatroafs..and some really fun looking goodies. It was $$$ but I’m set for a goodly amount of time now. Doing better with planning. and freezing. I did, however, spend 4 bucks on a dozen eggs because it had a HUMANE stamp on it.
    no meat, though. just couldn’t do it.


  4. Ah……Food, Inc. The movie has ruined my taste for beef, chicken, turkey……at a crossroads. Gertrude nudging and guiding, wealth of wisdom and encouragement….improving, but not there yet. Struggle continues, and I wish you the best in your journey. Food such a problem area for me! Now where is that remote……..


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