Thankful Fridays

In the midst of a tragedy the likes of Haiti, it’s easy to be thankful. And by easy, I mean we have constant reminders coming from the 24 hour news cycle, there is never a moment when it’s not in front of us. Have you donated? You can give 10 dollars  to the Red Cross by texting HAITI to  the number 90999. So far, over 5.1 million dollars have been donated.

I’m thankful that we live in a giving world. I’m thankful that we live in a world where texting can help. I like that.

One year ago today, Captain Sully landed the plane on the Hudson River. What a beautiful anniversary. I’m thankful for that.

I’ve had a full week, rehearsals, new foods, getting back to the gym, all accomplishments that make me happy and excited for more. Tonight is ReatRoaf night, and I am giddy for the food, but more so for the company!

I’m thankful that Kizz has taken a leap

Gert is 7 weeks away from being a Big C Chef, and getting her too too tootsie back across the Red River. SO THANKFUL!!!

So today…there is much to be thankful for. The big stuff, (5 million dollars in donation!) and the wee small stuff (consistantly doing at least 30 -40 minutes of cardio this week) and the in between stuff, too.

Happy Friday Ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “Thankful Fridays

  1. Seriously, the only thing that could make Friday better is if it was 5 o’clock already. (Btw, I think this might be the first time in years that I’ve written “o’clock” and not “AM” or “PM”. HOw weird is that?)


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