My MLK Day

We’ve all ready my memories of the best MLK day ever…I seem to repeat myself yearly, so I will just link to the story this year. A shout out to Skillet, way out there in Las Vegas. He’s moved from the Love show to the Elvis show and I mean business when I say I WANNA GO FOR A VISIT!!! Brother of mine…I love you. I miss you. You’re on my list for 2010…true story.

It is a holiday today. Are you off work? Do you get a three day weekend? I hope whatever your day holds that you remember, just for a moment, the man behind the day. A Day of Service…that’s what our President has called this.  I like it. So today, I’m digging thru the closets again, and taking more stuff to the Goodwill. I’m also going to let you in on what our salon is doing to help Haiti.

For sometime now, we’ve been working in conjunction with Water Is Life. We have a collection box at the check out counter, we’ve all participated in meetings and some of us have actually tested the straws. It’s really quite amazing, this invention. And for $10.00 one straw can give clean drinking water for a year. Ten Dollars. Right? Are you shaking your head? No? Then you didn’t click on the link and look at the website. I implore you. Do that now. Even if you’ve already donated, become aware of what is going on out there, educate yourself about this company. Go. Please.

This is what we’re doing. And another reason why I’m proud of the company that I work for.

A day of service.

water is life
will provide 3 liters of clean water every day for 1 year
Only a $10 donation!
See the letter by Ken Surritte, Founder of Water Is Life, below:
water is life letter
dbros logo

and in a COMPLETLY other note…how’s about THIS GUY? I love it.

Pants On The Ground

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