Cosmopolitan: or It’s All In The Timing

Wanna know what cures the MEH’s and the BLEARGH’S and a twleve hour day full of color education, a friend being hurt and a long ass day of listening to people’s drivil while you know you must get home to mow the ONE CORNER of your lawn that is growing as well as figure out why there it no hot water?  And since there is no hot water figure out how to fucking light your pilot on the hot water heater???

What cures that is at the very end of your day, I mean the VERY END, after twelve hours of all of it, station back in order, hair swept, tips collected, all of it finished, when you’ve gathered your purse and are THIS CLOSE to walking out the door…

you say, “what in the world is M’Lynn doing here?”

and she walks in and says…”I was wondering if you were about to get off work and would like to go to the Waterford and get a cosmo with me and talk awhile?”

“YES! YES! YES! YES! Please GOD pick me! YES!”

so we went to our place at the Waterford where the cosmo’s are mixed juuuuuuust right, with that tiny sliver of lemon in it and the bitty bitty ice flecks floating around in that oh so pretty hot pink juice….

and gentle readers…we covered it ALL.



home repairs.



high school.





the big twelve.

the end of the world.

(those two go hand in hand around here)

television programming.





old friends.

new friends.


sugar free candy.

laffy taffy wieners. (that’s what she calls that mondo long laffy taffy)


lack of fitness.

snack mix.

we covered it all.

sooooooooo…tomorrow I will be taking a cold shower. I’m fine with that. Tomorrow night I will be packing for my trip, cleaning my car, and mowing my lawn. Hopefully…figuring out how to light that fucking hot water tank will figure in as well…thing is? it’s over 90 every day this week. I can shampoo at work. I’m not that worried.

Here’s to you on your Humpday…I hope that you were as blessed as I was with a most splendid surprise at the end of yours.


3 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan: or It’s All In The Timing

  1. I want one of those. I just know you are going to have the best time ever with the Wonderboy. That all the crap in the lead up to the trip will just whisk away the minute you see that face.


  2. “the big twelve. the end of the world.” You are soooooo right on!! It has certainly for many colorful conservations in my world!! I do love to focus on the “important” things in my life right now!
    Have a GREAT trip!! Wonderboy is lucky to have his Awsome Auntie!!


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