Man oh man…we are soooo close to our mini break!!! Great Wolf Lodge is within smelling distance. My lawn is mowed, and after Monday’s flood sufficiently watered. The fridge is mostly cleaned out. Bills are paid. Things left to do…go clean out car so I can take it to Red Carpet today.  Fill up with gas. Packing, which means a load or two of laundry. Today is a mostly full day…there is a bit of a break where I can take my car and perhaps get a pedi. My heels are cracking and I’ve been picking and well…it’s horrifying.

Oh. Must firm up plans for the cat/garden care while I’m away.

SO EXCITED!!!! Wahoo!!!

Also in the Exciting News File, I spoke with my insurance company yesterday about my leaking roof and water damage in the spare room due to the monsoon on Monday. I was afraid it was going to be another claim, HOWEVER they are just tagging it onto the current one. What a blessing!!! So next week I need to get an estimate on repairing the drywall and ceiling and send THAT in. Sheesh. What I would really like? a little extra…windows? or perhaps a freaking trip. yeah, I know I should put it towards debt…sigh. We’ll just jump off that bridge when we get to it, ya?

ok. I have to go outside and clean out my car. Happy Friday Ya’ll!!! Enjoy your day, stay out of the heat, drink some water, laugh a little…

i love you and I love george clooney.

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