FINALLY!!!! It’s the day of departure!!!

I have most of everything collected and ready to load. Fridge clean, litterbox clean, trash out, yards watered, garden fertalized and watered, cats all fed and loved, house picked up to return to, car cleaned out and detailed and filled with gas…

Need to shower my body (FINALLY in a warm shower today) run some checks to the bank to deposit, go to work and fix M’Lynn’s hair then she and I are getting pedicures. Lest you think I”m being ridiculous…you seriously should see the cracked heel I’ve been walking around on. That has to get taken care of before I’m in the water for three days and scraping it on the bottom of pools…ouch. Then it’s home to load the car with two of my favorite people and all our stuff and head south on I-35!!!


have you seen this place?

2 thoughts on “HOWL!!!

  1. I think they need to make an adult only version or offer a no kids day pass. I want to ride the water slide. And I don’t me something dirty (Chris).


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