Home from our Great Wolf adventure…I dont know how Wonderboy and Bonusmom are doing this morning but holy hell. I think I got the whiplash on a waterslide. Seriously. My neck started hurting on the second day, but I thought I just slept wrong. It progressively has become more and more gimpy. Sheesh. Old.

The trip was fabulous however. We swam for hours and hours. We hit the wavepool for hours and hours. We floated the lazy river. We rode waterslides. Multiple times. We played inside and outside. We played MagiQuest. Which…let me just say, is pretty brilliant. It’s an interactive scavenger hunt/video game kind of thing. The kids have wands. There are clues. One must traipse up and down the stairs because, ya know, there’s clues in the stairs. Many quests. Many adventures. Wonderboy left,after two and a half days of questing, as a Master Magi. The questing really revs up after 9pm when the waterparks close…imagine all the kids…hot stairwells…loud reveberating stairwells…holy crap. It’s a lot. Even Wonderboy said forget it a time or two. We revised our playing strategy and kicked some butt the next time around!

The trip home was fairly easy, minus some construction traffic. I was exhausted and hurting quite a bit. I watered the front and the back then I took some muscle relaxers and hit the bed before the sun went down. true story. Everyone is getting more water this morning because uhh yeah. We’re in the upper 90’s here this week. Sheesh. it’s still June for crying out loud! I’d had my a/c set on 80 while away and let me tell you, we got home about 3:30 and it took a full 10 hours to cool the house down to 70. My poor a/c…

It was a great trip. I’m gimping and hurting but it was allllll TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! Hope your weekend was great, that you had good Father’s Day’s, that your week is grooving right along. For the Normal’s…it’s your Humpday!!! Wahooo!!!

Have a cuppa joe. Drink some water today. Smile awhile.

5 thoughts on “Woof.

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re a good aunt. One day of Mermaidery and I woke up Sunday morning like Phyllis fucking Diller so my hat is off to you and your days on end of questing!


  2. I’m covered in BioFreeze. and injesting Naproxin. Hopefully I’ll be back to my version of normal soon…

    Kizz I love the Mermaid Parade!!!

    All that walking…I kept thinking “activity points”


  3. Woo Hoo!! Such fun stuff!! You are an AWSOME Auntie!! Love it, you deserve some rest and relax this week…Aunting can wear you out!!! But it is soooo much fun!


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