lots going on. big named comedian coming into town for a show tonight put on by my friends, and I’m bartending and helping out with it…we’re right this minute waiting on the ABLE Commission to approve our temporary license but who the hell knows what we’re going to do. There’s been lots of snafu’s, none of which are on our part, that may keep us from getting the license to serve beer tonight…

Tried borrowing the one from the events center, but as usual, things in my mind are far simpler than they are in reality and it was just too much. Not as easy as me just taking the number and operating under it…so with that, and the fact that it was the next day….well I’ll say it again. Just too much. whatever. I’ll figure it out elsewhere…

I didn’t do much of nuthin yesterday. A little laundry. A little cleaning/picking up. Nothing more than superficial though. It was cloudy and muggy and rained last night a lot so no yardwork. Was super tired from the week.

I DID have brunch with Roger and Ma. They were up for a shindig down at our former college and swung up to the city to see me and borrow a blow up mattress…well. they loaned it to me to begin with so it was just a return actually. Anyways, so good to sit across from to faces that I love so much. Who knew…all those years ago when I walked onto campus…that I would find love and family? nice.

so today I’m sippin coffee about to watch my True Blood. We are at the mercy of ABLE. If they come through and assign us our temp license to serve, then we run around and get stuff together. If they deny it, we go to plan be and I start more laundry and grocery shopping and whatnot.

That’s it from me this rainy Monday. Hope yours is painless…we’ve got another short week ahead! HUZZUAH!!!!

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