Let me just tell you, this past weekend kicked my ass. Up and down the street and over and again. Lots of working. Lots of phone calls. Lots of running errands. The money made was worth it, both nights…paid another 200 on my computer debt…but my mind and body were at the breaking point.

I came home last night, ordered a pizza, then put myself into the bed by 8:30. I dont remember falling asleep but I woke up at 9. Sometimes the what the body wants, the body gets! Feel great now and am enjoying my late morning with some fresh hot coffee and a fiber one bar…prepping for the weekend!

well. now it seems as if I have nothing to say. I’ll be back when I do.

4 thoughts on “Swoosh!

  1. I know…i do push myself but it’s up to me to get it done, ya know? I have to.
    someday there will be rest.


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