You’re in the Spirit World, A**hole!

I’ve been thinking about what to do with my upcoming birthday. How to celebrate. Who will come, who to invite, where when how cost bla bla bla OVERLOAD!!!!!

Then I was watching The Women, this past rainy weekend and while I know it’s not a good movie, I still watch it everytime it’s on tv. There’s a scene where Meg Ryan is at some sort of retreat. There’s water and trees and nature and stretching and Bette Midler. It got me to thinking…then it got me to googling…where I found This Place.

I’ve always wanted to go to Sedona. Gert and Chi and their mom have been, and loved it. It’s just “goonie goo goo” enough to be right up my ally.

I could have a four or five or six day retreat here. I could have that just fine…I would love it. I know I would. It just sounds perfect.

We’ll see.

"om..ooooooom...ooooooooooh my God I'm way up high!!!"

6 thoughts on “You’re in the Spirit World, A**hole!

  1. Oh, or you know how people have those cursing jars and every time they cuss they have to put a quarter in the jar…well, we could have a laughing jar at your house and every time you make a guest laugh they have to put a quarter in a jar. You’d be able to take 11 birthday vacations!!!!


  2. My parents are looking to go to Sedona for their 40th Wedding Anniversary next month. I will see what they can come up with for information.. Because my dad is the KING of getting the most “bang for his buck” when it comes to traveling. BUT if, for some reason, IF Sedona doesn’t work.. we could try for this little place about 3 hours away….


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