Dear Week,

Thank you for bringing clear skys, sunshine and perhaps a break from rain. Thank you for bringing facetime with my family, and time to soak up with them. Thanks for the prospect of seeing old friends for the first time in 20 years this week…I realize it’s going to be super hot, so people will be a little tense…electric bills will soar…nerves will fray…

I’ll be ready. I’ve suited up, bring me some clients and some tips. It’s a skimpy week at the bank so we’re gimping from one day to the next…sooooo….bring on the clients. Bring on the attitude. Bring it on.


Misti Ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Dear Week,

  1. i’m working on a new business plan. and by business plan, I mean totally pulling shit out of my ass and rolling with it.
    we’ll see how it works.
    good thing it’s not a scratch n sniff.


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