Things That Make Me Happy Tuesday. Humpday Edition.

oh lookie here. it’s past midnight and I’m still awake. It’s been a doozy of a day. It’s been a doozy of the past few days, work wise. I am totally, blatently, one hundred percent ripping off this idea from Cindy, who without fail, makes me happy for her things every week.

I need  a little shift in my get-a-long. This is how I choose to do it tonight.


facetime with my mother, sister, brother in love, Wonderboy and Wonderbaby and Bonusmom.

getting to to my mom and sister’s hair at the salon and treat them like real clients.

seeing tomatillo’s forming on my plant in the garden!

tiki torches.

sitting on the porch with my friend and dealing with, working through, BITCHING about life until we feel better.

riding boats in the Bricktown Canal whilst maneuvering a full blown Wonderbaby melt down over a drink. or lack of one.

getting ORANGE DRINK at Sonic and seeing Wonderbaby smile.

my ceiling fan and cold sheets.

the blue ratty blanket that was a wedding present to my parents that now is my summer bedding.

getting a new roof!

a roomate that will separate fighting kitties.

a cousin that is moving closer to me!

Chrome’s impending visit and party!

picking vegetables out of Bonusmom’s garden on account of she cracked her spine.

Incredible Pizza that is no longer called Incredible Pizza with my family.

Wonderboy FINALLY getting that lava lamp with his 1050 tickets.

morning coffee.

canned tomatos from the garden.

river trips on the horizon.

sparkler bombs.

elvis cookies.

karaoke parties.

seeing my best friends in love.

understanding that embracing change doesn’t mean having no fear. and being ok with that.

grass growing in my back yard.

morning glories first bloom.

Johnnies Onion Burgers from my hometown.

Noodle scamming on my eyeliner.”that’s really pretty. what color is it?”

this exchange:

“cue juicy fart”


Taryn: laughs hysterically.


Taryn: it’s not that bad.

Mom: you’ve been telling us that since you were twelve, and honey, it IS THAT BAD.

“cue hysterial laughter and spontaneous farting from all family members”

you know what? it does make you feel better to write it down!!!

5 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy Tuesday. Humpday Edition.

  1. Yea! I get a party! That makes me happy, too!
    And you’ll be there and Cindy will and Chris will. That’s three more happies. Oh, they just keep coming!


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