Hotter than ASS

Had a not so great day.  Education this morning, which I enjoy but it’s gotten to the point where we dont really learn anything and most months it seems a waste of our time. Today however, we learned two versions of the same haircut and it was good. Done by teachers in the school. They were good doing their demos. However it started fifteen minutes late and ended thirty minutes early. 45 minutes of education we missed.

Then the day ended with me putting that haircut on a client and her LOVING it, which was good.

Then I went to eat dinner with Martha and used a Groupon that I’d bought a few months ago. Love that.

Then I came home to a house that was 90 degrees. My roomate and his girlfriend were on the couch laughing watching tv/computer stuff. I said, “damn it’s hot” and went to turn the a/c down and NUTHIN.



i asked him when the a/c kicked on last and there was no real knowledge of that ever happening, so no way to know how long it’d been this way.

I did all the things I knew how to do. flipped breakers. more than once. turned the thing off. checked to see if it was frozen. checked my filter.

still nothing.

so I called Marco The Great and because he IS Marco the Great he was here in five minutes. now, this was at 9pm tonight.

it’s a transformer. not the cool kind that turns into a freakin car, either. and it blew up. I can smell the remains. Also he found that there was some funky thing going on with some tubes and pipes and carbon monoxide shit and fuck around it’s still hot but he’s coming to replace it tomorrow…

this central heat and air unit is…precarious at best. it’s the biggest thing that has YET to be replaced….so please. PLEASE EVERYONE>>>>>.SAY A PRAYER.

say a prayer that is is only the transformer and that fixes it.

say a prayer that i dont have to replace the entire unit, because I just dont know how that will happen.

say a prayer that I dont suffocate or get eaten alive by bugs…see I have no screen doors front or back so it’s like infestation tonight.

there is a cool breeze.

i am thankful for that.

i have one of my free standing fans at work, (where its ALWAYS FREAKIN HOT AND THE A/C NEVER GETS FULLY FIXED) and another was loaned to a friend when his house got decimated by the hail storm and needed help drying out his everything.


i may run to walmart and buy another….maybe.

so anyways. that’s it from here.

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