broken table redux

I had just bought a brand new umbrella for the party today. I needed help, but rather than wait I tried….well. It shattered. Complete. Epic. Fail.

My dearest friend Steve Maddox sent his shop vac over with his son. I’d hired the kid to spray my yard for skeeters for the party tonight. So. I vacuumed mt grass yesterday for what seemed like forever. I have some cuts. Scrapes. Picking glass bits out of my feet, because of course I had on flip flops when it shattered on me.

I was just defeated.

But funnily enough, I am becoming familiar, if not friendly with this feeling.

So. Glass Table- 1 Misti Ridiculous-0

Oh. And it effing rained last night so the yard spray is null and void.

Upside? I have gobs of friends coming this evening. We shall laugh. We shall eat. And we shall be grateful.

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3 thoughts on “broken table redux

  1. And now that the night’s over, I think it’s safe to say that not having that table, and still having the rain, didn’t matter one bit. Nope, not one bit. We had such a great time. It was the perfect ending to perfect weekend!


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