ChromeComing 2010=SUCCESS!!!

It rained.
a lot.
more than once.
and I only had a card table.
and I freaked out and made everyone move the tent when it started lightening…shift to the garage if we needed to.
and of course, once we did that…
it quit raining.

Joy. Joyous reunions. Blessings. We were all reminded last night just how precious our lives are to have intersected and touched…ebb and flow…such is life…but even after not seeing Jack and Sarah in 12 years…

it was just like yesterday.

Alex, God bless her, we raised that girl, and now here she is at the grown up table talking about her 4 point gpa and a boyfriend…

We had about 15 people here and if laughing out loud is putting forth good energy into the world…well then you all should be feeling just a little better today.

I took zero pictures. I’ll have to wait for Cindy to post some that I can “borrow” . . .

i’m tired. but other than a bunch of muddy tracks on the carpets, the yard and the house are still clean. So I’m going to lay on this couch and think about how lucky I am to have been able to sit under the full moon into the wee morning hours and laugh and cry and hold hands and feel.

they really are everywhere…

2 thoughts on “ChromeComing 2010=SUCCESS!!!

  1. I think I broke something in my head from laughing so hard. I’m going to start going through pictures this evening. I’ll either burn you a copy or get Chris to set you up a dropbox and we can pass the folder through the magical internets waves. Voodoo.

    The best time.


  2. I have a drop box!! I dont know what to do with it but I have it! so yay for voodoo sharing!
    the laughter….seriously. and poor Jentucker with her Disney story! And John with his life’s lessons and sock folk.
    all the laughter.
    wasn’t it just amazing?


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