she sleeps

Or maybe not after a three hour nap and multiple Mexican Cokes with dinner…yeah – I almost made myself sick.

So I’m lying in bed. Typing from the phone. Thinking about a game Chrome and I played outside last night under the full moon.

Top Ten Things You’re Mad About/Hate/Dislike Right Now.

Top Ten Things You’re Happy/Grateful/Love….

Its been a harder year than usual for her. For me. For you. But after this weekend, being around true friends, everything seemed to lighten up.

The work bullshit and general vibe of distrust that abounds…the bills…the glass breaking…hahahaha! Seriously. These things are all just temporary. With or without…life goes on. The Ride continues.
And if you’re lucky…if you’re really lucky you will have someone buckled in next to you that will hold your hand and make you simultaneously spit beer and toot. All the while softly encouraging you…

“You got this. . . You GOT this.”

Good night friends…

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