Grateful Friday

Once again taking my cue off of Cindy, I’m going to Grateful Friday it over here today.

It’s the last week of the pay period…and the first of the month is when the mortgage is due…today I only have two mens cuts. I’m hoping and praying for more clients today. Tomorrow…zero on the books. If I don’t get anything for tomorrow, I’m going to just take it off. One doesn’t get walk ins on a Saturday. The Level 1’s might get them, but not Level 5’s. Gert and I have discussed taking Noodle and her cousin to the pool somwhere. That’ll be fine and fun, but I was really worrying about money and my paycheck this morning while I was getting ready and all of a sudden a voice or thought popped into my head.

It’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be alright.

Then I put my and in the back pocket of my jean skirt I’m wearing and pulled out two 20 dollar bills.

I’m grateful for that inner voice, that Spirit that leads us…if we listen.

I’m grateful that I’ve slowed down enough to listen.

Grateful Friday, ya’ll.

5 thoughts on “Grateful Friday

  1. Well. For one thing, I got it totally wrong. Cindy dones Thankful Friday. I cant even copy correctly.

    and for another??? I made first commission.


    Grateful Friday YA’LL


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