Beginning Again

I live alone again…

Austin moved out yesterday. I hope that his time here was what he needed. I think lessons were learned on both of our parts, about how to live with another human. I hope lessons were learned. Don’t let water leak into your room and not tell the owner for 4 hours. Dont put something on the wall that when you remove it it pulls off everthing down to the drywall.


I’ve had a three day weekend and honestly, it’s been super low key. No crazy parties, not much socializing. I did go out Saturday night with my high school friends. That is always amazing and grand. We laugh, we snicker, we talk about how young we all look. There’s always one who shows up and brings extra cranky. Eyeroll. And no one really gives them the attention they’re demanding so they leave early anyway!

Sunday, I got up and went to the store and made a meal to deliver to my favorite new parents Matt and Coleen. They brought Lil Palmer home this week…I made chicken creme cheese enchiladas, black beans/rice slurry, homemade salsa with fresh from the garden stuff, and a chocolate cake. It was awesome, when I took it over, their little house was FULL of family. All just sitting looking at the baby. I didn’t even try for holding time…there will be pleanty of that. I remember when the Wonderboys were born…we all just sat around and looked at them. It’s a very special time.

Anyways, the cooking heated up the house and it was 103 yesterday and beyond and so it just drained me. I was going to go out for a beer last night but got to feeling wonky, so just laid on the couch. In my empty house. and loved it.

Of course, the first night that Austin is gone, Sammy brings in a bird. I woke up to the sounds of bird murder around 5am…Gah. I just shut the door and put pillows over my head and went back to bed. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a huge mess this morning. We’re all trying to keep the house clean!

My chores today are laundry. I’ve already cleaned the kitchen. I’m watering the back right now…and downloading Mad Men on my iTunes. WHICH…let me just say, I think I totally F’d that up. I think I bought the HD season pass AND the normal D season pass. Fraggle Rock. Damnit. Still…not as much $ as cable for the length of the season. Chris, once I get these eps on my machine, can I burn them to a dvd?

I have some Frontier mowing to do today, just gotta figure out how to get my push mower out there. I dont think it’ll fit in my suv…Gotta figure that part out. Other than that, I may go to the pool today, I may just rest. I’m working on rest…

Yesterday my beloved Dion turned 40 years old. This is merely a shout out. I’m working on a proper Bday post for him later…

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