Here We GO!

Off to another week…August.

AUGUST!?!?!!!?!?!? are you serious?

I had an amazing weekend. Just nesting. Getting my groove back with my home. Laundry and some cleaning. I made two batches of homemade pickles out of the garden cucumbers!!! I grilled chicken and cut up fruit for the week’s meals. I had Clean Sheet Monday! It really was fantastic. I am refreshed in my heart and head today as I sit here with my coffee about to prep for a new work week.

Did you get to see Dion’s birthday posts? Kizz had a beautiful one full of pictures of our boy. Check it out if you missed it. We’re all turning 40! But Dion makes us all look better for being in his age box!

I spent some time with my techy gadgets last night. After a talk with my high school English teacher via Facebook, I decided to download a book or two and put it on my iPod and listen while I walk. Intending to get up this morning and walk and start listening. UP!!! GET UP!!! not even close. But perhaps tonight after it cools off…or tomorrow. I have to check out my shoe situation so as not to kill my feet again like last time but I’m excited. Time to move. Time to put more great things into my brain and MUCH better and smaller things into my body. (i’m talking about food, numbnuts.)

I’m going out to the Frontier with my push mower to help Bonusmom with the mowing. She lives alongside a creek, and the bank is a little too high and a little too steep for the riding mower. Freaked me trying it last week. So. I’ma figure out how to collapse the mower and get it into the car and go mow tomorrow night. I’ll take my iPod! Ha!

Cindy is heading out to NYC for her first trip and for Blogher. I cannot express my excitement for her adventure. I know she’s in good hands with Chrome and Kizz…I am envious of her time in my favorite city and with my girls. I cannot wait for her to experience it and then come pour the memories and stories all over my head!

Too bad she’s going to miss the cold front that’s moving in here….it’s going to get down to 98 degrees this week. Brrrrrrrrr!

I’m up to make my lunch and get ready for the working! Here’s todays Note From The Universe to start you off too!

So much love, blazing insights, a wild imagination, and opposable thumbs… Misti, do you know what this means?!

You’re nearing the zenith of your evolutionary curve!

Don’t delay!! This is the time to invite fate, tempt passion, and expect miracles by dreaming big and taking nonstop action!!

All things are indeed looking possible and you alone decide how your tomorrows will unfold.

There’s nothing that can stop you! There’s no one who’s above you! Even time must bend to your thinking… and Misti, doodads and things just lying about… fear you.

My how you have grown,
The Universe

8 thoughts on “Here We GO!

  1. I was just thinking about Bagel Boyfriend yesterday when I walked by and getting a photo for Misti! Ha! Now if we can just get him on our page….


  2. oh my god I need to change my jeans now. . . i hadnt even THOUGHT of that…

    cahwfee regulah miss? Cahwfee black miss? Der ya go miss.

    i love my bagleboyfriend.
    im just like Cher.


  3. I’m going to need new workout shoes soon, and I’m probably going to check out that Red Coyote place over there on the Classen Circle, near 105 Degrees.


  4. OOOOOOOkay.
    Finally. I figured out what the hell you meant Chris.
    red coyote is a SHOE place, eh?
    pretty much I thought you were telling me you needed shoes. and were going to go check out a new bar/restraunt by 105 degrees.
    then you said…..nevermind. I’ve been wondering about this all day…..RED COYOTE IS A SHOE PLACE!!!!!


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