It’s Still Tuesday Happy List

I feel like perhaps Ive made a turn this year. I dont know if its been all the wackadoo at work, or if sitting under the full moon with Chrome and each of us stating very simply our innermost raw feelings, or if soaking up the love of all the people in my house last week, or if it was finding that 40 bucks in my pocket…but I feel like I’ve made a turn…and that is number one on the list.

feeling hope. seeing the house come together. i.e. roof. grass. a/c.

getting my drywall on the books to be fixed as well as the huge crack in my ceiling that happened when the roof got fixed…

gathering with high school friends

picking cucumbers out of my garden and making pickles out of them.

watching Mad Men on my computer via iTunes.

sleeping with my bedroom door wide open and wearing nothing at all.

reading The Help and talking to people about it.

playing around with my iPod and getting excited to start walking.

maybe getting a dog in September. (whole nother post)

making first commission by 3 dollars.

having good, fresh food in my fridge.

thinking up funny status updates for my professional facebook page.

watching mindless tv with Hawk and Ringo.

mowing on the Frontier and helping pick the garden.

watching The Blind Side

getting one day closer to football season!

seeing Pseudo Sis 1’s SKYDIVING PHOTO

swimming with PS2 and offspring at the Mustang Pool

Clean Sheet Monday

wearing my hair “curly” in the summer because it’s too hot to blow out.

104 degrees out side and eating ice cold watermelon that was meant for Chromecoming that is now cut up in my fridge

remembering to take out the trash

5 thoughts on “It’s Still Tuesday Happy List

  1. errrr…..I’m real glad that you’re happy about that watermelon, but I’d be a liar liar pants-on-fire if I didn’t admit that I’m a little sad about it…..


  2. eh. It’s better cold.
    And there was plenty to eat at that party!
    But really, I’ve done far more foolish things in my lifetime….I’m gonna let this one slide.


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