Grrrr. Arg.

For the second day in a row, I have NOT gotten up in the morning to go for a walk and listen to my newly downloaded book. The first night, I was just so into sleeping in an empty house that I just slept through it. Last night, it took forever for the house to cool off from our 104 degree day. Plus I was worried about the huge crack in my ceiling leaking out all of the cool air. (clearly I’m not an engineer…) and just as I’d nodded off a crazy noise went off in the living room.

Not another bird. PLEASE GOD. Not another bird.

nope. just a locust and one happy black kitty cat. I couldn’t stand it and got the bug outside. pissed off the cats. went back to bed to worry about the a/c and heat and FINALLY got to sleep around 4:30. At 5 said little black kitty came in, which prompted Kikimama to hiss in my ear. Then mournful meows came from the kitchen. I walked in and he’s sitting in the sink.


Ok. water. might as well feed but I know he’s going to drink so much that when he eats he’ll throw up. sure enough I had a mess to clean this morning when I finally rolled out of bed….

Kids. It’s just now 10:30 am.

I’m taking my push mower to the frontier tonight after work to mow the edge by the creek. Getting it into my car turns out…not a one person job. Sean Patrick sent a worker bee to help me…I’m hoping I can go over to a neighbor for help unloading, then reloading….

and by the way? it’s already 91 degrees out there. sweating balls.

I have an open afternoon…I’m sending out good joo joo for call-ins. That will make me happy. I have a bartending shift this weekend. That makes me happy. I made one helluva tuna on bagle sandwich for lunch. along with canteloupe with cardamom and some watermelon. that will make me happy. Cindy leaves tomorrow. that makes me happy.

deep breath.


4 thoughts on “Grrrr. Arg.

  1. clarification: i’m not happy Cindy is leaving….as in, Gah. Get OUT already. I’m happy she’s leaving for her first trip to NYC.
    but i’m sure the five people that read here already knew that.


  2. Maybe you should consider evening walks. Plus, right now?, it’s just too hot. It will be easier when things cool down.

    I don’t think I would ever be doing this trip if it were not for you. Thank you.


  3. You always make me feel better my sister. Always without fail.
    You were destined for this trip…I was merely a mouthpiece. I have so much excitement for you…You will be in GREAT hands…and that city? She’s gonna love you as much as I do.


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