It’s Love Thursday

Happy Love Thursday, ya’ll.

How’s your week? For you Normals, it’s almost over. For the rest of us, it’s Hump Day. Either way…we’ve almost made it through another week…always a success in my book. The weeks are going faster, aren’t they? August? Wha??? We’re moving head first into the final part of the year and with that comes a whole lotta shit. Work shit. Love shit. Life shit. Sometimes…it’s just shit.

But sometimes you get an hour or two sitting in your backyard with one of your best friends. Tiki torches are flickering. Kitties are stalking in the grass around our feet. We are talking at a breakneck speed, getting caught up on all the shit…and then we get to talk about all the GOOD. The Happy. The Funny and the Real.

And by the end of our two hour power session…we both feel better. lighter. easier. capable of making it through another day.

Do you have that girl? I do. And today she is my Love Thursday post. LT is a sister of my soul. She’s got the best laugh and a never ending supply of support that she gives away freely to me. She’s complex and formidable when crossed and will “Rooster Up” when a friend has been wronged…she’s my reading partner in crime and will get as googily eyed over a novel and talk with me for hours like I’m not batshitcrazy.

I hope you have a girl like her in your life. I know I’m one lucky duck to have her in mine.

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