Love Thursday

Another crazy week, and it’s only the 3rd day. There’s lots of rumblings and turmoil and figuring out going on in the work place…not just from me. But on the upside, it’s pretty busy and that make us very happy. The a/c is still broken, but the temps are down in the 90’s and while it seems ridiculous, it has made all the difference.

My drywall has been cut out and replaced. I came home to the bedroom and the big crack in the living room patched with fresh sheetrock. Today I am assuming he will tape and texture it. I’m going to repaint. The thing that I’m worried about, is this. Both of my dumpsters and one giant trashbag is full of stuff. Old sheetrock (which was moldy by the way) and loooooooooooooots of insulation. My new insulation that I had blown in in December. I’m worried that I need to have more blown in in those places…I woke up worrying about it. I woke up worrying about the mold and if the guy got it all taken care of…worry worry worry.

I’m about to send off the check for my roof and work on finding a painter for the house..that should finish up the repairs for the hail storm. Sheesh.

However…this is  a Love Thursday post. I am wrapping my head around change this week. Embracing it. Being scared of it. Being excited for it. Getting myself ready for it. And it’s not just me…it’s manymanymany of my tribe who are gradually sticking their toe in the water. There’s new relationships. New living arrangements. New animals (huzzuah Kizz!) New jobs and worrying about what they’ll be. Old jobs and wondering if that’s how it’s supposed to be.

So you see? It’s not just me. And it’s not all bad…But sometimes it IS all pretty scary. So today, I say to you, to myself, to all of us…Let’s do it. Let’s full on embrace it. Open up to the possibility. Close ourselves to the guilt. One step. Forward. Leap. And if you can occasionally remind me that it’s ok to be scared, that will help too. Because I get scared. And then I think, change is bad. If I’m scared of it…it must be bad…

And we know that’s not the case.

It’s Love Thursday, ya’ll.

5 thoughts on “Love Thursday

  1. Still scared to death…but I’m in it to “WYNN” (haha)!! It’s time and it’s growth and it’s out of our control and it WILL fall into place and we will be grateful and stronger and smarter!!


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