I don’t know if it is because I didn’t have Monday off, since we had class and other stuff going on…I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been super busy these past three days…I don’t know if it’s because there’s been so much in my head that I haven’t had any real good sleeping this week but DANG I am draggin today.

Coffee in the cup. Clean laundry drying in the dryer. I’ll be ready to face the day here in about another hour…

My house is getting put back together. The drywall guy has been here the last two days. He should be finished with the final texturing today. I will have to repaint…I can do it, I have the paint and I didn’t want to pay him for it.  I am going to have to call the insulation guy and see if he can come put some more in those two places that were cut away and that sucks but hopefully it won’t be too too much money.  I did get my last insurance check yesterday. SO…sigh. Now, I pay off the roofer. pay off the drywall guy. See how much I have leftover, and call around for a house painter…or maybe get a few windows installed? Hmmmm. Then I could use my tax money in the spring and hire the painting done…hmmm. we’ll see about that. Anyways…it’s a lot. And it’s slow moving. But I’m checking things off my list!

Have I told you what I’m doing this weekend? I’m driving to Little Rock to spend a day or two with my friend Mike and his sweet sweet family. Mike and I worked together in the summer of 97 and have been friends ever since. I haven’t seen him face to face since 2001 and our lives have changed a great deal since then. He has lived just a few hours east of me forever and I just decided life is too short to let another weekend pass without seeing him. He’s doing the 48 Hour Film Project. I won’t get there in time to really help with production or talent, but can watch post production and just generally hang around watching and sharing the same air. Our friend Shua was supposed to be here this weekend too. He lives a few hours north in Fayetteville. Work and Life have got the boy under their big greasy thumb and it looks like he won’t make the weekend. Which sucks. HE’s the reason I’m going! So…send out some love and light to him and perhaps the impossible will become possible.

Anyways, I’m not going to get much rest, but I am going to refill my heart and soul with friend time, I’m going to spend time with the woman who made him the Daddy he is today, and the sweet princess that rules their universe. I’m very excited about all of that.

Just writing about that made me a little more energized and happy.

Also, I want to mention this new fabulous thing happening in OKC.

My friend from high school, Tracey, is opening a restaurant. Not just any restaurant. A really freaking cool one. Local foods. Local farmers. Sustainable foods. Fresh menu that may change daily. This is from their website:

Ludivine was born from the idea of utilizing the best ingredients available to us from local farmers and ranchers. We use only what is in season to prepare a culinary experience that uses familiar ingredients to create dishes that speak not only to the palette, but to the whole person. We aim to design meals that release old memories and create new ones.

At Ludivine believe in cuisine that is started by the farms and ranches around us, then crafted especially for our guests.

GO look at what they’re doing…and when they open I’ll be there. And I encourage you to do the same thing!

“Release old memories and create new ones.” How beautiful is that? Seriously. I have more to say on this subject, and if you think I’m going to NOT beat this particular drum…you’re quite mistaken. I believe in this place and in these people and want everyone to know about it and support it!

Also…let’s look at this.

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