well dangit. my weekend in Little Rock didn’t work out. I’m trying not to be wonky about it, and just go with the flo but I am disappointed. There was just a lot going on. I worked three really long days in a row, was so tired I decided to drive early this morning. I’ll stay today and come home Tuesday morning. Mike had forgotten he was working at the Rep Monday and Tuesday, so really…the five hr drive would have only been for a few hours of facetime then I’d be back on the road tomorrow morning. GAH….

I’m looking at another weekend. I’m also looking at a weekend to go see Roger and Ma down in Ft Worth, and I need to get up to my family sometime soon as well…

I woke up this morning to find a dead locust and the last feet and tail of a mouse. there was another round bit but I didn’t look too closely when I swept it up. At least the cats are doing well.

I’m going to have come coffee and then I’m going to work on cleaning out the guest room’s closet.


2 thoughts on “Changes…

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go, but I’m sure there will be a better time when the schedules fall more easily.
    Have a good day today!


  2. We’ve already picked the 11-13th of Sept. SO it will happen and work out! would tha twe could teleport you to Little Rock. perhaps we can Skype you…


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