Monday is my Do Sh*t day.

slept in clean soft sheets with no alarm set.

woke up with two kitties one at the head and one snuggled in the crook of my knees.

coffee and biscuits with my local peanut butter and honey bought yesterday while watching Mad Men. (i ate it while watching Mad Men. I didnt buy it while watching Mad Men)

worked the garden for fall. pulled out plants that haven’t been producing. cut back pepper plants that are producing. worked the soil with fertilizer and tons of water.

bought seeds to plant for my fall attempt at a garden.

brussel sprouts, lettuce, spinach, carrots, parsnips. as well as some catnip seeds to put in pots…everyone needs a treat.

groceries bought and put away.

dinner of a pork tenderloin with carrots and onions and new potatos in the crock pot.

laundry is THIS CLOSE to being caught up.

PseudoSis 1 is coming over tonight for dinner and a catch up on life session.

I feel accomplished enough to feel no guilt as I lay on the couch and watch Studio 60 on my Roku.

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