Binge. and Purge.

For the majority of the weekend, between chores, and gardening, and making the leftover hot dog buns into herbed bread crumbs for the freezer, I have treated myself to binging on the entire season of Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.

When this show was on the air, I was faithful, as I am with all Sorkin productions…and as with all Sorkin productions (save West Wing) this show only lasted 22 episodes. Of which I’ve snorted 13 since Sunday.

I love these people. I love the writing. I love all of it…makes me happy. I’m already mourning that I only have 9 hours left…

I’ve got the trash bins out to the curb. Cram packed with leftover ceiling bits from the repairs last week. Plus my actual trash. Sheesh…

The weather here is practically Fall Perfect. Cool breeze and 78 degrees at 7:30 pm. I’ve got my doors open and almost want a long sleeve t-shirt.

after the oppressive heat, which don’t fool yourselves…it will rear it’s ugly head several more times before it really cools off, it’s a nice break.

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