I awoke this morning to 67 degrees.

I know it’s temporary. I know it is. But it’s just enough to kick start my energy levels and prep me for “My Time”…I love the beginning of Fall. Even the last hanging on warm temps in September…love it.

I think because for me it’s The Beginning.

School starting, and I don’t care how old you are, there’s still something about that first day of school. The first weeks. Everything that comes along with it…Friday night lights. Mmmmm, football.

Have you seen this? Do you know that I have a deep seeded secret smokin hot crush on this fella? Welp. It’s out now. Sigh. Anyways, seriously. It IS 8 minutes long. But it’s a beautiful tribute to how fast life goes, how to grab onto the memories as they happen, how we are all tied by a single time of the year. Watch it when you have time.

New tv. Gawd, we all know how much I love new and old tv. I’m ready for Modern Family to return. Castle needs to come back. I’m super psyched about Hawaii 5-Oh.

This weather makes me want a pot of Santa Fe Soup that I can share with Smurf and we can watch football on Sunday together.

It’s the knock at the door that opens up to Fall Fest, the State Fair, Halloween, Birthdays, the first snow, time changes, hustle and bustle, being crazy and thankful…full zoom into the holidays.

And then everything goes ass over feet into Crazyville. But now…this…this is just the knock. The promise of what’s to come…the precipice of all things new…change coming in with the grace of a bulldozer.

This morning, however, I’m on my couch. I’m sipping a hot cup of coffee. I’m meditating on the day and what it will bring. I’m watching Kikimama chase an imaginary woobie. God, I hope she catches it. Whatever you’re doing this morning…I hope you take a little time to enjoy the precipice. To embrace what’s coming. And to have a little faith…that the precipice and what’s coming…is beautiful.

One thought on “Wheeeeeee!!!

  1. I also love me some Kenny Chesney. I have all his albums… you borrow and burn.
    Sweat shirt and short weather…. we wait for it every year. Its the power time of year.
    Our power time.
    We’ll have to do football games this year babe. And you come and watch Noodle play ball too.
    So proud of you chick. Great day. You stuck the landing, knew you would… perfect 10!


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