Can He SEE ME????

Today’s Note From The Universe:

Sure, there have been surprises. Some, not so fun.

But you have to admit, Misti, with hindsight, moving forward was actually easy.

Something worth remembering,
The Universe

And there have been surprises, Misti, that suddenly changed your entire life for the better, and there will be many more. Jumanji, baby.

Much to report. However, I only have time to give you the bare bones.

Yesterday I had a successful almost 2 hour interview with a new salon. I will be moving my clientele October 1st and begin my business at a place called Salon W. The website is about to be overhauled, and the salon is in the midst of a complete facelift. More on all of this.

I gave my letter of resignation to my manager yesterday. This morning, after an “emergency meeting” called by one of the owners, I will give it to them. I want to maintain the utmost level of professionalism and make this transition with as much grace and dignity as is possible.

Yesterday, after I got the job, I called my mom and started bawling. The kind of cry with the panic induced huh-huh-huh breathing. Total meltdown. But she said the words that I know in my heart.

If this wasn’t part of my plan, it wouldn’t have happened. There would have been many roadblocks and frustrations. I am excited about this new chapter in my story…and scared shitless. True Story.

Right now, I have to go get ready so that I can make this happen. Last night, I dreamed that I woke up at 11am. That I slept right through the meeting and the resigning and all of it. However, one of the other owners did the same thing! Apparently we were camping as a company. I don’t know either, guys.

what I do know, is I’m nervous to resign and tell them. Endings are never really my favorite thing. But if the Universe can send me that goonie goo goo stuff way in the middle of the night before I ever see it…well I know that I can count on you to send me energy and strength today too.

jumangi, baby.

2 thoughts on “Can He SEE ME????

  1. Why is it scary to quit? I mean, I know, it is. I’ve only done it once properly but somehow it’s always petrifying. What were they going to do when I did? FIRE me?! But it was scary anyway. Glad you’ve got a plan and some validation and a brand spanking new salon!

    Much love.


  2. I was just about to send you an email asking about how all of that went. All you can do is be nice and honest. Do you feel like you’re doing the right thing? Then you are. No one can make you feel guilty for leaving that old job unless you choose to let them. We all fear and crave change. Embrace it; you’re wonderful.


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