Roll On

Let me start by sharing a spam comment that popped up this morning when I signed on.

“may I write sex with you blog?”

I dont care who you are. Starting a Friday off with a request for sex, from mostly ANYONE, brings a smile to your face!

Yesterday was fine. I cried. Two of the three owners reacted perfectly with equal parts dismay and support. The other owner was an interesting mix of relief and one hundered percent douchebaggery. Affirmation anyone? yup.

I’m excited about the new adventure. I’m not good at all with endings, which is surprising considering how fabulous I am with beginnings.  But the bandaid has been ripped off…really no. I take that back. Very few of the girls, my co-workers, know that I’m leaving. That will be the last bandaid. I’m not going to do any big announcement…let it happen organically and just go with the flow.

Going to spend some time with Hawk and Co. tonight, work a bar shift tomorrow night and just roll on into the next phase.

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