Doing It.

day two.
caloric intake is good. I may have been a little over today because I bought some protein powder to make shakes/drinks for after the workouts. Lots of amino acids and if you drink one directly after workout then it replenishes the muscles and helps with the soreness. At least that’s what the drink selling dude told me and due to his total workout attire and you can do it attitude, I totally believe him. Bought a big ass thing of vanilla and two shakers. One for me and PseudoSis2. I would have never started this if it weren’t for her.

So. Today wasn’t bad soreness-wise. My quads hurt. Tomorrow maybe will be worse? or the same? I dunno. I took a muscle relaxer before bed last night…maybe another tonight…Small group private workout tomorrow at 9 with PseudoSis3. We can do anything for two weeks, right? And I do think…I do think this will motivate and jump start me into moving my body. Feeling better. A woman tonight was panting and sweating (no judgement, I was trying not to puke) and she said “why are we doing this?” I said so we can live longer. She replied,” and pay more taxes” and I said, “nope. go to more happy hours” because really…getting another day with family and friends..that’s what it’s all about.

and now if you’ll excuse me…it’s 9:41 and I have to go to bed. I’m worn out.

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