Sunshine and Rainbows

Who’s ready for a new week, raise your hands!!!

Yeah…me neither. I’ve had a weekend of fun and I think I did pretty good on the food intake but starting yesterday I started getting anxious about the workouts again. Trying to figure out when they’ll be and gear myself up for the nutrition part of it this week…I have to admit I felt a lot better this weekend than I have in months. MONTHS. I got an email from my trainer and this link was in it…you know how much I love me some Rocky…anyways I thought I’d post it. It’s fitting.

Gert…this one’s for both of us.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Rainbows

  1. The French Phrase of the day: Are you sure it’s decaf? This stupid phrase book keeps getting things all wrong. I’m sure they’re missing the “not” maybe in translation. I am ready for the week and all the hits it may bring.


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