Laboring Day

How’s your weekend been? When the holiday falls on a Monday, it’s rare that we get a real three day weekend…alas our salon was closed on Saturday so this has been just glorious. Everyone needs a break, don’t you agree?

I’ve made the most of it thus far. Friday night I went to see my boyfriend George Clooney’s new movie. Slurp. I almost couldn’t sleep…Saturday I got up and went to bootcamp at 8:30, died for 45 minutes then thought now it’s REALLY the weekend! I got a cheapo pedicure and went and hung out with Mandrea for the afternoon. It was the first day of college football, so here in Then Plains that means National Holiday. No one really quite understands the religious fervor that people get into regarding either OU or OSU football unless you’ve spent any amount of time here. It’s nuts. And I love me some football…however did I watch? I did not. I went and picked up MGirl and we drove about 1hour and 45 minutes west to Clinton and watched our friends race cars! It was dirty and fun and loud and laid back and seriously one of the best Saturday night’s I’ve spent in years. Just…something different and fun! Of course, the drive back home was FOREVER. I was tired.

Yesterday I worked a wedding which, thanks to the “caterers” (and I use that term loosely) Poppsie and I had to do some different kind of work than just the bar. We had to set up the food and arrange the display and then…well it was crazy night. But all in all, well done. Quick facetime with Hawk on my way home and I crashed…

Today I feel like I want to putz around my house. I need to hit the grocery store and get my food prepped for the week. I want to go for a walk, maybe around the lake today. It’s gorgeous weather. But for right now, I’m sippin coffee and about to watch last night’s Mad Men ep…perfect Monday.

Happy Labor Day. rest. peace. George Clooney.

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