Calling It. Time of Death: 4:00pm

I Surrender!
This day for me, anyways, is done. I’ve seriously hit the wall. My ovary hurts. My knee hurts. and my mood is really only marginally better. So. Im home. I have stuff to make soup. I’m going to nest and rest.

I thought I’d leave you with some good bits, however few they may seem to be.

MGirl told me I looked really skinny today.
FactoryGirl made the funniest Mad Men Jib-Jab things. I was the redhead. it was awesome.
Bonusmom came in and brought me back one of my copies of The Help, which I promptly loaned to Mandrea. SO excited for everyone to read this story.
Bonusmom then went off to buy herself a new phone. Yup!!! She’s now the proud owner of the new iPhone. No one deserves it more. Huzzuah!
We got lots of rain today. Perfect for the fall garden seeds out there. There’s still more coming. which…
is perfect for an afternoon replenishing nap.

When I wake up, I will make Santa Fe Soup. Healthy. Low Cal. High Fiber. Low Points. Generally all around delish.

that is all.

5 thoughts on “Calling It. Time of Death: 4:00pm

  1. I feel like someone built a wall around this whole day so none of us could escape hitting it. Dang! Good on you for getting the rest you deserve.


    (In that mythical time when I finally make it to OKC do you think Bonus Mom will let me steal her phone and play with the camera? Envy!)


  2. yes. I’m going to force her to download the hipstamatic and some lens because that thing ROCKS!!!

    i’m living for that mythical time.

    i did buy a lottery ticket for tonight!!!


  3. I want an iPhone. There Chris. You happy? I said it. OUT LOUD.

    Misti, rest is the best compliment to your work out/weight loss program. It’s on of the most important parts. You deserve it.


  4. I am sorry you are hurting…envy the iPhone…and I am using Pantech…in nov. our contract is up and I am going to get one that text easily.. superbaby was so you today..doing the hot potato with the wiggles, shaking his hiney and hands…

    Guess what, getting the eyebrows done next sat. have to wait on ss check. IF I don’t chicken out, for the first time in 50, yes 50, years I won’t have to draw fake eyebrows that sweat off and molt….they have a salon in Bentonville so that will be convenient.
    Can’t wait to see you at the end of the month…get some rest..I wish I was there for Santa Fe soup, maybe I’ll get the stuff this weekend. Made stew yesterday and we ate the whole crock pot full, I think superboy ate three bowls full. He is so tall and filling out, looks like a 6th grader instead of 3rd. He argued with Mom today about homework, his teacher said pick the three hardest spelling words and write them three times. He said “Mom, they are all easy so I shouldn’t have to write”. That boy, he brought all 100’s home on his tests last week, I hope middle school and high school is as easy for him…

    Must close,
    Love you,


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