Thankful Friday

This morning was my final workout in my 2 week Fat Flush starve-me-fast-kill-me-slowly program. The alarm went off at 5am and the cats immediately yawned and flipped me off. I made my protein shake and filled my water and got on the road. Yay, this morning we weighed in!

So. By that scale, I only lost 3lbs. Which immediately dropped my mood into the gutter. Then we did the body fat counting with one of these machines.

it's magic. and sometimes I think it's a liar.

The first read out, done under the very same settings as my initial weigh in, said that I’d lost 14 lbs of fat and gained 10 lb of muscle. Well. Ok. That’s a lot. But they do it on Biggest Loser all the time. My trainer didn’t believe it so we did it again. Same numbers. Still didn’t believe it so he re-jiggered the machine and I did it a third time. This time is said I’d lost 5lbs of fat and gained 2lbs of muscle.

So either I’m completely average, or I’m Biggest Loser. All of that, just hit my annoyed button. Just like…fuck around. all this work and there’s really no THAT’S AWESOME! instead there’s a THAT CANT BE RIGHT!

then we had to run around the building four times. then do 100 squats. then do 100 pushups. then run around the building 4 times.

there wasn’t enough curse words in my vocabulary so I had to start making some up.

PseudoSis2 was my motivator, and she’s amazing. rocked it right out. I told her to go on ahead of me, get it going. I had to power walk about half my laps but ya know what? two weeks ago I could not have done it.

so there’s that.

A few other things. In the past two days, I have learned of the passing of a college friend to cancer. He was a quirky, batshitcrazy little duck, but he was our quirky batshitcrazy little duck. And my heart is really saddened at the news of his loss.

Chrome told me last night, that another mutual person in our lives had to have his leg amputated due to cancer.

Note to ALL OF YOU.


In a final note, and oddly related to the above news…I’ve been smoke free for two weeks. Done with it. Forever.

so there’s that.

I’m thankful that it’s Friday. I’m thankful that you are all healthy and here. I’m thankful that we can seek solace in our memories and make new ones just the same.

and I really like this Starbucks Anniversary Blend. It’s spicy. and bold.

go today…and let’s all emulate the Starbucks Anniversary Blend.


5 thoughts on “Thankful Friday

  1. I say meh to the weight thing right now. It’s only been two weeks. The weight will come off later, so don’t let that bother you because you’re doing all kinds of stuff you couldn’t do two weeks ago. Something is happening, right? Don’t get hung up on little disappointments. Acknowledge it, and let it go. Celebrate the wins, dammit!

    I’ve been quite the slacker since I broke my ribs (almost 3 months ago now), and I need to get back at it, too.

    Yay for being smoke-free. You could take the money you would normally spend on smokes and put it in a jar for a spa weekend. I’d be curious to see how fast you’re able to pay for one.


  2. Here, here!
    What Chris said is what I was trying to think of to say re: weight loss.
    Seriously….100 push ups? Get out of town with that!
    I think you’re fantastic.


  3. I could not do a 100 push ups if you gave me 100 days in which to do them. Wow. Just wow.

    Fuck the numbers, you are healthier now than you were 2 weeks ago and without the smoke and with the head start you’re just going to get healthier every day. Except the one day the next time I see you when we eat our weight in Jr. Mints.


  4. I couldn’t do 100 push ups. Maybe 5. Crying. No, not crying because that makes things harder, but wishing I could cry while doing them. Baby steps and less is more.

    You’re beautiful.


  5. I was always told that it’s not the scale, it’s the tape measure that counts.

    Congrats on making the hard stuff look easy, kid. One foot in front of the other.

    Much of the love.


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