Sunday Beautiful Sunday

It’s a beautiful morning. There’s a breeze blowing through my house. There’s a thundery rain cloud moving my way. There’s fresh hot coffee in my mug. I am well rested. (two tylenol pm’s and my mouthguard thankyouverymuch) and I’m just thankful.

I’m watching the morning political shows. There are sooooo many polarizing subjects out there in the news cycle right now. So much anger and rage and line drawing. So much “if you don’t believe like we do you’re as good as a terrorist.” So much with the guy who’s burning books of faith. Dude is getting more fame and tv time than any Lindsay Lohan week. Quit putting a camera in his face. Let’s not put any more wood on the fire.

Our gubernatorial campaign is in full swing here in Oklahoma. I’m volunteering for the Democrat nominee. These past few weeks, not her opponent, but the actual Republican Governors Association has put out the most negative of campaign ads. Immediately crappy.  Man oh man.

Cindy said, don’t watch tv. Gert high fived that sentiment as well.

Nuckin Futs.

However today, I’m going to embrace the beauty of the calm. I’m going to use it to propell me to change my sheets and clean the kitchen. I’m going to try to not stress about the fact that my dishwasher isn’t draining. There’s water standing in the bottom of it and I’m scared as to what that’s going to cost me. Let’s all try to manifest an easy fix on that one. I’m going to go get another cuppa joe and I’m going to do a little at home workout this morning.

Starting at noon? FIRST COLTS GAME, baby!!! The NFL starts today and I’m going to go sit on a bars tool and watch. All Day Long. (not drink all day long, but watch mind you. I don’t want to undo all the good I did the last two weeks!)

Tomorrow I vow to make some headway on the guest room/Mandrea’s room. Buy a few groceries, and clean out the office closet.

I hope your weekend is as lovely.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Beautiful Sunday

  1. Just caught up with all that’s been going on the past couple of days. I can’t wait to give you your bottle of “spicy shiela’s” and catch up with you!! I am ready to get onto my routine again too.. alot of junk into the body this weekend! BLEAGH! You are my motivation =)


  2. Pour some baking soda into your sink drain and let it sit for 30 minutes then pour half a bottle of vinegar into the drain. The dish washer may not be draining because of the kitchen sink. If that’s not the problem at least you’ll have a clean kitchen sink.

    Rest is good.


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