Cleaning out the guest room closet this morning and I found one of these. It’s a subway token that I must have got on my first trip to New York City. I gave it to a friend of mine back in 97 before I left on my first tour. He put it on a chain and wore it for 3 years, until we saw each other again.

mine is one that I brought back from one of my first trips to NYC

In a box full of things from that era, my Yoda Pez, heart shaped rocks, beads and sweetgrass…there it was. It wasn’t one of those moments that froze me and ripped me apart at the seams…but it did take me back.

There’s been a lot of life lived these past 12 years.

and I’m cleaning out the guest room…literally and metaphysically…prepping for another chapter.

there are moments when I think about money and the shift to the new job and what I should be doing or learning or already having figured out and I freeze. My stomach drops and I break out in cold sweat/hot flashes.

so. I’ve decided to wear this subway token on a chain. Not because I’m overly sentimental about the friend who put it there and wore it. Because I am always overly sentimental about that man. So, I can’t dwell on it or it will eat me up. I put those feelings somewhere tucked away. Safe. So, not as a reminder of him… But to remind me how far I’ve come…and where I’m going…and that the best things are only a subway ride away.

5 thoughts on “Found.

  1. It’s good that you have those kind. Did you know they looked totally different when I first came to NYC? You couldn’t have worn the old ones on a chain unless you drilled a hole but they were two tone. And do you know why they chose to make the hole in the middle that shape?

    That’s a good talisman you’ve got yourself there. NYC will protect you.


  2. I don’t know why they made a hole but I know why, when they decided to make a hole, they made it that shape. It’s a 5 sided shape so there’s one side for every borough!


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