Just Left Of Center

I got a LOT of stuff accomplished yesterday…but not in the way I wanted…everything wound up just left of center.

bought paint to finish out where the drywall was repaired.  (my original paint had curdled so I got the exact color sample square thingy and the exact same paint…) Yeah it doesn’t so much exactly match. I got everything covered…and Andrea’s room looks good but the living room…I just don’t know what to do yet. I may run another coat over the wall that needed repaired and just call it good…

Bought duck tape to wrap the heavy plastic around the mattress set before I store it in my building. well. turns out it doesn’t hold too well and it’s not a one person two cat job. so that flopped. Andrea will help tonight.

My dishwasher has been brokedown for a week and on Monday I called my plumber. Yesterday I called an appliance repairman. The motor/pump is out and for 265.00 I could fix it. but for a few pennies more I can replace it. So there’s that.

I had two clients yesterday so I worked at home up until 3:30 so I got several things crossed off the list buuuuuut just seems like I didn’t get anything right. Ever have one of those days?

A few things that were good! I won my football pot the first week. $50.00!!! Huzzuah! I bought a ceiling fan for Andrea’s room. Her boyfriend will install it. Now we’ve got fans in every room which will help out with the bills! That was good…

Today is my last education class with this company. They’re doing three new haircuts so I’m going to soak up as much as I can get my hands on! One more sip of coffee and then I’m out. Have a blast today…it’s Humpday for you Normals! and it’s a brand new fresh day for all of us!

Fresh. Fresh. Fresh.

2 thoughts on “Just Left Of Center

  1. I thought today was Tuesday. My brain is broke.

    I’m glad you got a lot done, though. Even though it’s not what you expected it’s a whole stinking lot!


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