Yesterday hurt.

Mentally it was draining. Had a great continuing ed class in the morning. Watched two great haircut demos and some good lecture…then I was crazy ass busy from noon till 8pm. and I made a poor shoe choice. Mandrea had to dig out some flip flops for me, and yes. she is about fifty sizes smaller than I but I just shoved my feet halfway in…just enough to appease state board if they stopped by and worked it from there. My feet and legs still hurt today.

I’m dressed for the gym. Sippin coffee, sneezing, cleaning up cat vomit…it’s a Thursday. It’s slow at work, so I dont go in till 11 then I have some breaks in the day…

One thing I did yesterday was figure up my check. Today is payday. And its September so it’s a sloooooow pay period. I didn’t make commission. So I figured up what I would make, after paying my own taxes and boothrent…and it’s still so much more $. Still a good move on my part. Because I’ve been worrying about it don’t ya know. Nice to have that affirmation.

I’ve only got two weeks left.


That’s in. one more bit of coffee and I’m going to run. Get my head clear for the day.

Did you know that the dragonfly signifies change? It’s my new mascot.


that and my token talisman.

my subway token necklace

8 thoughts on “woof.

  1. There were dragonflies all over Governors Island on Saturday. I didn’t even notice. They were pointed out to me.
    I am resistant to change.


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