Monday: Accomplished

clean sheets
vacuumed carpets
mopped wood floors and bathroom
mattresses wrapped in plastic and taken to the little shed
groceries bought
dishes washed (by hand thankyouverymuch) and put away
fridge cleaned out
trash taken out
U-Verse cable installed
Cox cable taken away
dvr set to record all the new shows premiering and the old favorites returning this week. there is…more than 10.

What I didn’t get done:
I must get to the Frontier and pick up Little Mow because my grass at Brokedown Palace is almost outta control.
I have some campaign signs to deliver in Yukon/Bethany and MUST get those done.
I need to go look for a dishwasher
I have to get my business plan together. 7 days left at my salon before the switch…

isnt it crazy that no matter how much we do…there’s still more? why can’t I just be satisfied with an accomplished day?

Ok. I made a delicious meal of chicken cacciatore tonight…easy way.
white meat from a rotisserie chicken
big chunks of green pepper, red onion and a container of mushrooms
one jar of newman’s sauce
the leftover cherry tomatos from the fridge
whole wheat penne

pretty stinkin good. That’s what I’ll be having this week because it made one metric shit ton.

I did watch Boardwalk Empire. about three times. I’m excited for this show…
I have a workout date with my friend tomorrow at 6:30 so I’m going to curl up on the couch and watch some new tv and then head to my clean sheets…

how was your Monday?

6 thoughts on “Monday: Accomplished

  1. What a nice meal you made! You DID have a productive day. You can’t do it all in one day. Plus, it seems to me that you enjoy being busy and productive and if you’d done it ALL today, what would you be busy with tomorrow evening, or NEXT Monday?

    I had a craptastic day and I want to watch an episode of Parenthood and go to the bed…where I also…have clean sheets. 😉



  2. I got a couple things accomplished, not many. The guy came by to get the keys to my place so he can do the bathroom work BUT said he can’t do the work without a 50% deposit which is out of my hands because he’s being paid by the co-op. Dog was being OK then he got on the couch and a cat freaked and I tried to stop them and the laptop fell off the couch and had to be force-restarted. It came back but the second I picked it up it needed it again. It seems sort fixed but I yelled at all those animals a lot and I’m feeling kind of fragile. There are loud people in the courtyard and they have one hour to be loud before it’s time to go to bed and, the mood I’m in, I might clean my fridge by tossing the rotted stuff down at them. Sigh.

    Your day is SO accomplished. Very impressed xox


  3. Wow you did get a lot done. I cleaned out my fridge and Taryn made chicken spagetti while I played with kids…nice…my eyebrows have gone from very tender to slightly tender and itchy…I am getting used to the shape and Bonus dad says they look better…Can’t wait to see you Sat. Bonusdad is going to a sleep dr. tomorrow and they will set up his sleep study…sometimes I count to 35 before he breathes…that isn’t good on his heart…so we’ll see. Got to get up really early tomorrow to get ready to go to dr with B and get to sis’s by 6:45. Must close and get to bed. Love you,


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