Mandrea got her room painted last night! Alas the ceiling fan I bought was the absolute craziest kind ever to put together so we’re taking that back and getting an easier one. But…I’m getting excited for her to be here!

Yesterday I was exhausted. Finally got to sleep about 5am, only to meet Julie at the gym by 6:30 to workout then to work…after bible study last night I got home and went straight to the bed. Well, first I cut up a plum for snack then went to the bed. Watched Glee, then half of Parenthood and then slept the sleep of the dead. God it felt good…so good that when my alarm went off at 5:30 so I could do a 6am class at my gym…I slept right through it.

I’m hoping to get Little Mow from the Frontier today. My yard is so high I’m going to get a ticket if it doesn’t get chopped tonight! So that will count as some activity!

Coffee this morning, then I have class at my new salon at 8:30…I’m pretty busy this afternoon at work so should be a good day!

hope yours is good too…

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