Thursday List

take back ceiling fan and exchange for new one.
buy more paint.
deliver more campaign signs.
drive to BSCT and pay for/get sweatshirt I ordered.
bang some hair.
go see a play tonight as it’s my ONLY night to see it.
go pick up some scripts to read for committee.


6 thoughts on “Thursday List

  1. i worked till 1:45 and just got home from running around. squeezed in a stop to visit new baby Duncan and his mama from my salon way on south side of okc. I havent got the scripts yet, may or may not happen. i’m on the fence about the play, too. I have too much to do before leaving town tomorrow. and I’m tired.


  2. Oh. the sweatshirt is an El Reno Indians shirt from the football boosters. I support. and I wanted it before going to tulsa tomorrow.


  3. crazy girl, the sweatshirt made the list. that is all. i didnt even see her. porch/money/drive away.

    happy full moon to you too! look for Jupiter!


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