Sliding Doors

Have you seen that movie? Not a really great one…but apparently something about it stuck with me. Gweneth. That guy from Four Weddings and a Funeral. Sliding Doors.

I think life is like the sliding doors on an elevator in a big shiny building.

Opening. Closing. Up. Down. Stall. Stuck. Alarm. Bell. Unstuck. Down. Up.

Another me. Another set of doors. Another floor.

Who knows what would have happened. No tour. Cupcakes. Little League. Marathons. Master’s Degree. Who knows what would have happened.

I feel like I missed it though. And this week has served quite a hefty helping of nanny nanny boo boo look what you could have had. I feel like I missed it. Completely.

I don’t dislike the prizes behind door number 1 however. That life has been amazing. Full. And driving home tonight, I was listening to a mixed tape (because I keep them. and my car has a tape player. dont be jealous) that Chrome made me when I lived away. . .

Take me back to New Orleans and drop me at my door cuz I might love you yea but I love me more.

It’s still true.

Sliding doors. Everybody in? Watch your fingers.

going up.

2 thoughts on “Sliding Doors

  1. Sometime this week at work the subject of London came up. That first summer after finishing my first year at college, I had the opportunity to sing in the Westminster Abby. I did not go even though my mom said she would take out a second mortgage to get me there. Instead, I opted to stay at school. That summer, I met Chris.

    Just something to think about.


  2. I often think of that damned film too. . . Ya know, the last few months I’ve been “what-if-ing” constantly. So much of me questions what my life would’ve been like if I’d moved to Colorado 10 years ago, when I was 18 rather than 28. I did build wonderful and lasting relationships in OKC throughout my 20s, but being in CO now, really makes me wonder. . . It’s not a good habit.
    We cannot change the past (unfortunately), but the past created the present. And that’s all we really have to worry about.



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