Healed by Fire

Today was the first day I didn’t wake up crying.

Last night was the first night I slept since last week.

I know it has to do with processing and working through the emotion…But I claim it has everything to do with being surrounded by friends. One of my friends said to me this week, “do not surround yourself with needy people this week” Best advice ever. I followed it yesterday and surrounded myself by the kind that filled me up. Listened. Laughed with me. Brought their strong shoulders for me to lean on and guacamole.

I also think it has everything to do with sitting around a fire and just letting it all go.



3 thoughts on “Healed by Fire

  1. Wasn’t it something like “part of the happiness then will be part of the pain now”…
    I go back to Shadowlands often. When I think of life… death.
    I wonder now at our age… if its about picking up the pieces any longer… we did that so often when we were young.
    I think we have now all the pieces and we don’t have to pick them up any longer… we just have to rearrange them every now and again.
    I adore age and wisdom and its simplicity.
    Its elegance.
    Find some time to nap.
    Heal your heart with love.


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